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During the course of planning a wedding, one aspect of the event that doesnít seem to get enough thought is the selection of a wedding ring for the groom. The hopeful husband may spend weeks or even months trying to find the perfect engagement ring for his fiancťe and then take her to shop around in as many jewelry stores as may be needed to find the perfect wedding ring. Granted, menís wedding rings are often purchased along with womenís, the couple desiring rings that match, but that is often the only consideration. The fact is that the selection of menís wedding rings is every bit as important as that of womenís rings and there are some important factors to consider when making such a purchase.

Does His Wedding Ring Match Hers?

This may not really be that important in the great scheme of things, but most couples want their rings to match. If that is the case, itís usually an easy requirement to meet when selecting menís wedding rings. Jewelers are accustomed to selling womenís and menís wedding rings as a set and will usually have menís wedding rings in stock that complement their selection of womenís wedding rings. This makes it easy to choose a matching design for both rings, as well as choosing a similar weight and the same color of ring. Jewelers tend to recommend 18k gold, platinum, or titanium for wedding rings. Whichever precious metal is chosen, both rings should be the same material and the same karat weight.


Obviously, all wedding rings should be designed to last. That said, durability is still an important factor in menís wedding rings, especially if the man in question performs some form of physical labor or works with his hands in some way. Traditionally, men are simply tougher on their wedding rings then women are. A woman will typically take her ring off before doing any kind of work with her hands and replace it afterward. Men often forget this step. The chosen ring should be heavy and durable enough to stand up to the beating that the man is likely to give it.


A manís wedding ring is most likely going to stay on his finger from the day he gets married until the day he dies. In the days before menís wedding rings were commonplace, there were few choices in them and several of the rings designed for men were quite uncomfortable. They could dig into the skin, cause the finger to perspire and the skin to itch, and could even be partially responsible for chaffing and cracking of skin as well as fungal infections. Menís wedding rings have come a long way where this is concerned and most jewelers offer ďcomfort-fitĒ wedding bands that are designed specifically for such long-term wear. Keep this in mind when choosing menís wedding rings.

Deciding on a wedding ring for the groom still doesnít require a lot of thought, but when the couple is shopping for menís wedding rings, adhering to these simple principles will help them make the right choice and select the right ring. Wearing a comfortable and durable wedding ring will help make for a happy husband.

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