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It wasn’t long after the first video cameras were available to the general public that the concept of wedding videography was born. Weddings are one of those life events that we want to remember as well as we can and a wedding video is able to do so much more than a photograph in terms of keeping the memories of your special day alive in your heart. Wedding videography allows you to see and hear everything exactly as it happened, something a photograph will never be able to do, no matter how stunning or professionally created.

The earliest wedding videography usually consisted of a friend or family member that happened to own a video camera volunteering to tape the ceremony and reception. As technology advanced and video cameras became the smaller, less costly, and higher quality devices we now call camcorders, this became more prevalent. Professional wedding videographers are available everywhere now, and at a similar or sometimes lower cost than traditional wedding photography. If you do choose a video recording of your wedding, it is definitely a good idea to use a professional videographers rather than taking the “my friend has a camcorder approach.” Certainly the amateur videographers has the ability to capture all of the events at your ceremony and reception, but a professional will supply perfect lighting and sound and is able to perform editing duties to make your wedding video as beautiful and memorable as possible. Many professionals also have the ability to add beautifully detailed animations to your wedding video, making it a joy to watch your wedding moments again and again. Professionals are also adept at making sure they can capture every moment in the ceremony and reception without being overly obtrusive to the wedding party and guests.

One of the nicest things about the advancing technology of today’s world is the availability of DVD burning devices. Most professional providers of wedding videography are now able to supply you with your wedding video on DVD disc, complete with interactive menus and chapter selections. DVDs last longer than video tapes and with their inherent interactivity you’ll be able to see the part where Aunt Mildred loses her slip doing The Chicken Dance without having to watch or fast forward through the whole ceremony and reception. Wedding DVDs are also much easier to make copies of as long as you have the equipment and software on your computer to do so.

If you do decide to save some money and use the friend with a camcorder method, it may be wise to at least find out how much of a hobbyist your friend is. If he has a DV camcorder and decent editing software along with a DVD burner, your friend may be able to do a pretty good job with your wedding videography. It won’t be quite the same quality as that which a professional could provide, but a hobbyist friend is a viable option when money is a deciding factor in your choice of wedding videographers.

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